❥ 21 questions ᐈ for a β„•π”Όπ•Ž relationship

21 questions for a New Relationship | Know your Partner:

21 questions for a new relationship

So are you excited to know those 21 Questions for your New Relationship - Then let's dive in

A new relationship is many things to many individuals, it may not be your first love but every time you fell for someone it is a very special feeling Isn't it, it is like you were never in love with anybody it is such a unique experience that words are incapable of defining it. It is just a divine bond but,

Emotions have a sacred place in our heart and mind but sometimes we have to be logical and we must test our partner as this world is full of deception and one of the easiest and the best ways to know your partner is asking questions because it is said that questions are the key into somebody's mind and soul, so

today we will see 21 questions that you can ask your partner and the answers of your beloved will tell more about his/her personality than anything else but there is a caveat to this and you have to take this caveat very seriously otherwise things may not reap as it should.

Now, you may be thinking what is that caveat and that caveat is, The Way You ask questions to your partner is very important. So before going any further let us see how to ask questions to your partner.

 The Correct Way to ask questions in a new relationship?

First things first keep in mind that timing is everything if you miss the correct moment you will not get what you want, it is all about psychology and nothing more and psychology is all about the mind, and in the end, the mind has feelings of love, feelings of deception and every type of feeling that you may have or may not have experienced. So,

The perfect time to ask questions is when you both are very casual with each other and the important point is you have to ask it when your beloved partner is happy, remember it ask questions when your partner is happy and after that ask these questions to your partner again but when your partner is sad upset or angry, if you ask me Why I have to do that then you have to get deep in human psychology, and you can get deep in the right here.

So, remember this formula will give you the truth out about your partner that we discussed above, Now what are those 21 Magical Questions for a new relationship - Let's dive into them:

1. When did you lie to someone you respect and adore?

Ask this question as we told you in the above section, otherwise, it will not reap to its fullest, we all are humans and if your partner has lied to someone very special to him/her it also means he/she will lie to you too but,

you should acknowledge that we are after all humans and we are a statute of errors and mistakes so don't take it in the wrong way, If your partner replies Yes I have lied to someone I respect, It means he/she is truthful to you.

2. If you had one day to live what would you do?

A good relationship is all about psychology, and the last day of your life is as important as your birthday isn't it.

3. If I cheated on you what would you do?

Your beloved partner may get irritated with this question but you should persist and get the answer as we said earlier, if you have skipped that part goes back and read it, it is like the base for all these 21 questions.

4. Do you want Kids?

It is obvious that we love kids, but having kids is a difficult but precious matter for every partner isn't it, as this question gets into your partner's mind because this question is very very appealing emotionally.

5. Who is your idol and why is so?

A person loves, respects and trust only when he/she want to be like that person, it happens subconsciously we are not aware of it but we only feel connected to a person when either we want to be like them or already we are like them, this is confusing I know, so re-read it for clarity purposes.

Now if your beloved is telling you the name of a specific person go and study that person because idols are usually famous people study that person and see whether you like that idol or not and the rest is up to you then.

6. What do you still like in your ex?

7. Do you like to play outdoor or indoor?

8. Do you believe in religion?

9. Do you love your parents?

Parents are also partners to each other aren't they, So ask them about their parents and get everything out to them regarding their parents.

10. Will you be a vegan for me?

11. Do you like travel or staying?

12. What books do you like?

This is a Game changer the person you are is actually represented by the books you read if your partner is interested in reading manga online then see what genre is your partner interested in if he/she reads novels dig deep and see why he/she reads such type of content, I can tell you how useful this is even if you don't want to ask your partner you can go to his/her home and see what books are your partner keeping close to himself/herself.

And you twist the same question in another form like what type of content is in your partner browser history and much more, I will say apply your creativity if you got this thing right you will know the secrets of your partner.

13. Favorite Color? Favorite Game? Favorite Emoji

Tells a lot about someone's personality. games like online coin flipper will tell you a lot about your partner for what purpose he/she uses coinflipping game e,g, for fun or to make a decision by flipping a coin and then your job is to know what was that decision and if that particular decision was a serious decision and your partner was using a coin to make a serious decision then you get the idea isn't it, 

Emoji describes your inner feeling which you are not able to express in your words so you use emojis like Moon Emoji then you should see what emojis is your mate using and why he/she likes, I know it is tough but it is worth giving the effort you will be perplexed after you go and implement these 21 questions because they will provide you an insight that you never imagined possible, but do it with diligence.

14. Who is your best friend?

15. What were you think about me?

16. Do you love animals?

17. Where will you love to go on vacation?

18. Do you love monsoons or not?

19. Do you love toddlers?

20. Who is your favorite comedian?

21. With whom do you enjoy to spent time except me?


Let us look at these questions in more detail now, because remember success is 80% Psychology and 20%, mechanics, we have used the name of games online coin flipper, and emoji sites like Moon Emoji and more much than these two sites that may confuse you or seem hard to do with your partner.

So let us understand the psychology and the reason why we put such types of questions in the list, some of them may look logical and good to ask but some of them feel like What is this, or you may feel it is not important but

You don't need to ask all the 21 questions you can skip some and you can go through all 21 of them, at the end human behavior is very difficult to put in words so keep in mind while asking these questions you observe the gestures, as said earlier you have to ask these questions when your partner is not conscious when he/she is absolutely frank stand open to you.

The question you want to ask among these 21 can be molded as you like, it completely depends on your surroundings and how you are in what situation you are in with your beloved partner.


Follow the procedure carefully and do remind yourself that human behavior is based on surroundings and circumstances, so we gave you a technique at the start of this article to know what is the true nature of your partner, and 

what is inside his/her mind? We also went through a series of questions in which we talked about the timing (when to ask what question) and also covered the way through which you can know if your partner is true to you.

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