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The significance of Mother's tongue in Education -Detailed.  

Today we will be throwing some light on the importance of Mother tongue in education and what National Education Policy has to say about it, we will be discussing both advantages and disadvantages to it, So stay tight and Let's get into it:

importance of mother tongue

First things first mother tongue is the language that a child learns from his/her parents, According to the Indian constitution Article 350A, Government should provide Primary Education in the mother tongue and RTE (Right to education) also gives preference to the teaching in the mother tongue. Recently Indian Govt. took a brave step for the well-being of students, In which they introduced the National Education Policy the significant role of mother tongue in education is stated in the NEP (National Education Policy) where a student has to be taught everything in mother tongue till he reaches 5th standard and gradually his/her studies will be conducted in mother tongue till he/she reaches 8th standard.

From this, we can get an idea that how important and significant is the mother tongue as both Government and other national forces are making it the main source of teaching in schools.

The 3-language formula introduced by (National Education Policy) 

Hindi, English, and one Local language or Regional language that will be used to teach the school kids is called the 3 language formula. it was introduced first by Indira Gandhi in 1968, The main reason for the introduction to this was that in the north region Hindi was dominant whereas are in South languages like Tamil, Sanskrit, and English was spoken, this creat chaos in the interstate communication that is why this concept of 3'language formula was introduced to bridge the gap of communication within states.

Importance of Mother's tongue in terms in Education in view of science and logic

Till now we understood the significance of mother tongue in view of government and many other forces which run a country but What is the importance of this according to science, logic, and research, What is the logic, What is the Positive effect of this on students learning. So here is what experts have to say about this:-

  1. Learning outcomes will be more productive and effective as the language he/she has been bought up in will provide him/her with a friendly and home-like environment, as we know success in 80% psychological and 20% it is about work, So that friendly environment is good for the child psychology.
  2. Participation in the activity part of learning will definitely increase by a huge amount as per the education experts.
  3. 85% brain of a child is developed during this period of learning, so it will be better to switch to the mother tongue so that difficult but basic concepts will seem easy and playful to the child.
  4. The nursery, L.K.G, U.K.G, etc these standards are the building base of education all the basics are taught in these classes now more focus will be on child understanding rather than teaching him/her a new language.
  5. Experts say the child will love to learn rather than move away from studies and the culture will also be prevented as this cultural thing in India was extinguished due to the foreign language.
Now, you may think it will be an easy concept to bring in schools but there are some challenges that the government is facing like:
  1. The mindset of parents is like their child should speak fluent foreign language they don't want their child to be educated in mother language because they see it as insignificant, so this is the top big challenge right now.
  2. Students living in border areas will face the difficult situation on which language they should learn, as they are living in borders so it is challenging for them.
  3. Difficult scientific concepts are one of the challenges which are difficult to tackle as books will be in mother tongue the scientific concepts and terms which are in the English language have to be translated in Mother tongue of that region which is a bit wanky.
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