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Cats range from bread to bread and with some things common and many things different ranging from their cuteness to the lavish color of their fur and much more but when it comes to some things like what does a eat like to eat the answers are pretty same for all the bread the taste may range but its almost same likes and dislikes when it comes to eating so same is the case when it comes to are cats afraid of loud noise or, are cast afraid of thunder the answers are completely applicable to all cats no matter what their bread is

cat whose scientific name is Felis catus with excellent night vision,  with extraordinary healing power in the range of 500 Hz to 32 kHz, and there is very many other things that can get a separate article but if you are also interested in knowing such facts about your pet or house cat you can read it here. 

cats hiding because of thunder

Is your cat afraid of Thunder?

See it depends but I will give you a clear answer concerning this so be patient for a while, Look if your Cat is hiding when it thunder outside, if he or she is trying to hide or start to run abnormally then that is a clear signal that your cat is not comfortable he or she is afraid of thunder, its as simple as that but it varies sometime your cat may feel like afraid and other time he or she may be very calm during thunder. So why is it different, why is your cat showing two different behaviors for the same situation? Yea, that is a genuine question

It depends on food, the way you behave with him/her and at last the surroundings by surroundings I mean many things like, if she is being playful with you then it's one type of surrounding, if your cat is being lazy its another time on surroundings, So it depends on the mixture of these things I mentioned.

How to Calm your Cat during Thunderstorms?

Now, it's clear that cats can have 2 behaviors during thunderstorms but what about if he or she gets anxious or frightened during a storm? What should you do? Don't be concerned we got you covered for that

  • First try to avoid:- his or her behavior if your pets get nervous or something around those line experts says that first avoid him or her, I know that is not easy at all, but do it and see if it works if it didn't then try the second option on the list below.

  • Move to Underground:- Yes, if the first option doesn't show any positive results then move your cat to the basement as we all know cats have an extraordinary sense of smell, taste, and heating power.

  • Let your cat be Busy with other things:- Play with him or her. Make your lovely pet feel you care for him/her, make it feel like everything is normal. This is one of the best methods you can try out if nothing around you worked

  • Massage her head and wrap her in a DrySheet:- Static electricity can be a reason for the anxious behavior of your pet cat, so try to wrap him/her in a dry sheet and start massaging his/her head. You can even buy a cat tree because cats love to climb and play with it. It can act as a distraction for him or her, You can read more about cat trees here which one to buy and which one to avoid all is clarified in that article.

Playing cat

❤A note and a reminder to the pet owners:

Now, you got an understanding of many things that your cat may love or hate, what you should do, and much more. The most important thing is observation, you should keenly observe your pet his/her behaviors because animals adapt according to their surroundings and according to the owner how you react, how you treat him/her. So, the main key is observation when it comes to your pet's health both psychological and physiological. Remember more than an owner you are his/her guardian. He/She trusts you and loves you too.

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As we all know that videos are the best source of understanding as it contains visuals and interactions also, You can watch the video below :

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