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The Mysterious tantric sex Guru Psalm Isadora.

Psalm Isadora -sex tantric

Psalm Isadora, born on September 17, 1974, in Mendocino County, California, USA as Psalm the famous Tantric sex teacher who was passionate to teach the world about the science and art of intimacy, her prior focus was to make people look at sex as a way towards happiness and fulfillment, where sex is a taboo she wants to establish it a source of great pleasure, for those who are not aware of Tanta, tantra is the other term for “science” which is commonly used in India, as India has been the very source of mysticism and spirituality.

A brief overview of Psalm Isadora's Journey and Life:

Born in

September 17, 1974

Place of Birth

Mendocino County, California, USA


46 years old

Birth Sign


Featured in

CNN, NPR, The Huffington Post, iHeart Radio, Bustle, and she reached over 66 million homes as the star of Playboy TV’s reality show Cougar Club


 Urban Kama SutraOYoga

Died in

March, 2017

Real Name

Psalm Brother


were a renowned Tantric sex educator, sex coach, and yoga teacher


Psalm Isadora -Meditation

Cause of Psalm Isadora's Death:

After hearing the news about Isadora's death his devotees were shocked because Why would such a happy and famous lady who has been blessed with everything that one can imagine will commit suicide. The authorities who were handling Isadora's death case concluded that she committed suicide which was not digestible to her devotees, his devotees needed an answer which they can believe in so the investigation is still going on and the puzzles are not intact yet.
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What does tantra mean?

Tantra means "Science which includes yoga, mantra chanting and rituals".You can read about this topic in great detail here.

Want some deep understanding as video is the best source of understanding new concepts and also those concepts which are hard for people to understand in written form. You can watch the video below.

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